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THUSHARI Jayasekera - ASSistant Professor

Welcome to Computational Materials Physics Group at SIU-Carbondale

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Welcome to Computational Materials Physics Group at SIU-Carbondale.

Our research is focused on engineering electronic and thermal transport properties of nanoscale systems for device applications. This page is maintained to share our research findings/interests and teaching materials with those who are interested.  

Most of our recent work are based on ab-initio calculations. Current work involves electronic band engineering of graphene related systems, and investigating thermal transport in oxide based nanostructures for thremoelectric applications.

Understanding the electronic and thermal behavior in small devices is interesting because it allows an appreciation of microscopic measurements in quantum mechanical systems. Theoretical understanding is also very useful to engineer new devices based on existing experimental observations. Based on our studies, we try to explain the existing experimental observations and also suggest new ideas for further improvements in exisiting findings. On the other hand, Computational/theoretical physicist can work ahead of experimentalists suggesting innovative ideas for new device applications.

It is fun to put a physical problem in to the computer and analyze the results. It is pretty much like doing experiments in the computer.  If you are curious to know more about our recent work, please visit the research page or send an email.

Thushari Jayasekera, Assistant Professor of Physics, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Tel: 618 453 1055 Fax: 618 453 1056

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